designy things

keynote speaker

Fellow designer Selina and I gave a talk about the quäntchen + glück rebranding process at the brand design conference 2018 in London.

award finalist

Me and my team of amazing designers at quäntchen + glück competed as finalists for the Design Iteration Award. We did not win, but were among the best 8 of almost 80 entries.

mayoral campaigning expert

Since 2016, I have provided the complete design and concept of all media for four mayoral election campaigns. My work included marketing strategy, posters, brochures, flyers, copywriting as well as photography and videography.

experimental typographer

During my design studies, I took several approaches to experimental typography: I created ‘Wareji’, a Japanese font that is a hybrid of German and Japanese calligraphy. Furthermore, I programmed a motion-controlled font creation tool. My font creation tool ›Digitype‹ was exhibited at the CAPTCHA Mannheim in 2014.
creator things: music and content

musician and composer

Since 2010, I've been composing music in my bedroom. Over the years, I have released 10+ experimental rock records, written a film soundtrack and more recently got into making music videos.

content creator

I create YouTube videos for over 3,000 subscribers, talking about life, sustainability, zero waste, vintage fashion, progressive music and Japan.


I was cast as the very first guest presenter at Kuttners Schöne NerdNacht, a nerdy Science Slam-like event hosted by German celebrity Sarah Kuttner. There, I shared my nerdy expert knowledge about Japan, just like I sometimes do on my YouTube channel.
Life lessons and passions


In 2012, I finished my Bachelor of Arts in English and East-Asian Sciences (Japanology) in Heidelberg (final grade 1,7).


I spent 10 months as an exchange student at Tôin High School, Hita, Ôita Prefecture, Japan. The summer sun was killing me a bit in the photo, but otherwise I had a great year there.


I took up drawing when I was 9 years old and still occasionally create artworks for fun. Quick sketches, black and white expressive architectural drawings and comic/manga illustrations are my forte.